Monday, October 7, 2019


The 2019 ScareFest Convention is now in the history books, and I must say it was another great one.  Though there were a few stars who had to cancel for one reason or another, there were still oodles of great stars to meet.  The "headliner" was Bruce Campbell who was the star of the Evil Dead movies.  He is also the latest host of Ripley's Believe It or Not.  I will be posting pictures soon of the convention to my photography website, Sharry's Place.  I hope you will come back to see when these pictures will be uploaded.

Dates for next year's ScareFest are October 23-25, 2020, at the Lexington Convention Center in Lexington, Kentucky.  The management is in the process of working with local hotels in setting aside blocks of rooms for convention goers.  If you would like to keep up with when these rooms will be available or just to keep up with any and all info about ScareFest, you can visit their website,


Thursday, September 12, 2019

First day of ScareFest...

This is it...ScareFest has arrived.  This is my first year (and maybe my last, but more about that later) as a volunteer.  I arrived at my hotel around noon yesterday and lounged around in both my room and the lobby.  Got a big hug from actor/stunt man Kane Hodder, who is known as the only actor to have played "Jason Voorhies" in four of the Friday the 13th movies. 

Last evening there was a mandatory meeting of all the volunteers with the owners of the convention, Brandon and Nicole Griffith.  They not only welcomed/thanked the volunteers for helping, but made a few announcements concerning what was expected and safety rules.  The volunteers then split off into groups depending on what area they were going to "work" and took a "walk through" of the convention floor and what they would be doing in their area.  It was definitely an experience to get a first hand look at some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes of putting on a convention.  I cannot imagine what headaches the Griffiths and their chief of operations, Layla Cook, have to go through all year long to put on such a top-notch convention.  

As to whether or not this will be my one and only time as a volunteer, that is up on the air right now.  Over the last several years I have been granted media passes and have taken pictures for my photography website, Sharry's Place.  Since a lot of my time this year will be in the information booth, I won't get to roam the convention floor as much as I usually do.  This has led to withdrawals.  :-)  It is my hope that I will get to talk with Layla about what I can do as a volunteer but still be able to be out on the floor most of my time here in order to take pictures.  I'm not sure if there is a position open for that and if not, I'll probably go back to media passes and not volunteer.  As they and learn.  Please don't get me wrong, I am NOT knocking this convention or the volunteers; some people aren't cut out to be volunteers.  I most definitely have the utmost respect for all the volunteers as they have gone out of their way to help pull off a fantastic convention every year.

If you can't make it to this year's ScareFest, we invite you to keep an eye open on their website,, for information on next year's convention.  You will most definitely have a fun weekend.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Gearing up for ScareFest...

This time next week I will be packing my suitcase to attend the annual ScareFest convention, which is being held in the Convention Center in Lexington, Kentucky.  This will be my 9th year attending and my 1st year working as a volunteer.  I am looking forward to seeing friends I have made over the years and get to see only at the convention.  I love this convention because of the family atmosphere and the effort the owners/managers put forth to make it such a fan-friendly convention.

For those of you who have never heard of ScareFest, it is dedicated to horror fandom and Halloween with some paranormal thrown in.  This year's convention runs from September 13-15, and includes stars from movies and shows such Friday the 13th, Game of Thrones, Evil Dead, Face Off, Tales from the Crypt and Six Million Dollar Man.  These are just a few of the movies/shows represented.  Some of the stars who will be there include Kane Hodder, Sid Haig, Lee Majors, Bruce Campbell, Felissa Rose, John Kassier, Ted Raimi, Vee Neill (a 3-time Acadamy Award winning makeup artist), Ryan Hurst, R.A. Mihailoff and Hafthor Bjornsson (world's strongest man).

Paranormal stars attending include The Ghost Brothers, Chris & Brannon Smith and Mike Goncalves of The Tennessee Wraith Chasers and Dave Tango & Steve Gonsalves of Ghost Nation (formerly with Ghost Hunters).

There will be oodles of vendors and displays to feed your shopping fetish.  :-)  If you are a people watcher, you will love observing all the cosplayers who come dressed as their favorite characters.  There is something for everyone at ScareFest, even kids...Sunday the 15th is Kids Day with activities catered just for them.

If you would like more information on the ScareFest convention, check out their website at today.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Check out Ug-Chugs by Nelson Studio

I will periodically post links to shops and/or websites that I think are unique, useful and/or informative.  Today's shop is Ug-Chugs by Nelson Studio, owned by Chad and Meghan Nelson. Their handmade stoneware pottery make unique gifts, and are microwave and dishwasher safe

According to their Etsy shop..."We specialize in making fun, functional pottery.  All of our pieces are unique and completely handmade.  We use no molds, so every piece is truly one of a kind."

You will find coffee mugs, cups, bowls, goblets, just to name a few of the items they offer.  Some of the "categories" include smiley faces, overbites, mustaches, mugs with sunglasses, and animals.

Are you left-handed?  They have items for you too.  

Check out Ug-Chugs by Nelson Studios at:
- instagram - @ugchugs
- twitter - @ugchugs


Friday, August 16, 2019

Currently in the shop...

At the present time, I am making lanyards to take to a horror/paranormal convention I will be attending next month.  The material I'm working with include sugar skulls, Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas and flames.  Hopefully I'll have time to make key fobs to take with me.  Several people have already bought some and I was asked to bring more to sell. 

Another craft I am working on are beaded earrings.   I hope to eventually have them uploaded either to my Etsy store or my FaceBook page.  I have tried to make beaded bracelets, but that is going to take me a while to master.  :-)  

Besides these two crafts, I still do shirts, caps, and other items with heat transfer (HTV) vinyl designs.  I am constantly looking for new designs and have people ask for special requests.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you are interested in more information about any of the crafts I do.  Here's hoping you have a great and blessed day!

Monday, June 10, 2019

New designs uploaded...

Are you into Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti?  Do you know someone who is?  Why not come on over to A Family Affair Boutique and check out the Bigfoot designs we have recently added.  At the present time they have 22 different designs for you to choose from, some of which you can add your own text or phrase.  While there, why not check out the other categories, which include but not limited to Camping, Family, Sports & Superheroes.

A Family Affair Boutique offers your choice of shirt styles, such as tees (both short sleeve and long sleeve), hoodies and sweatshirts, tank tops and raglan. 

Monday, May 27, 2019

New shirt designs and handmade earrings...

A Family Affair Boutique has several new designs in their store.  Some of these designs include sports and sayings.  If you have never been to A Family Affair Boutique, you will find quite a few designs to choose from, as well as several shirt options - t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts and youth sizes.  Don't see a design you like but want to put in a request?  They love getting special requests.

Something new for A Family Affair Boutique is handmade earrings.  These are for sale on their FaceBook page.  Just go to the Photo Albums and select the one titled Earrings.  Each pair of earrings is only $8 and most are one of a kind.  While you are at the FaceBook page, why not like the page and follow them?

They also hope to add handmade lanyards and keyfobs to the line up.